Beebe Lighting:

Night Lights was founded out of a need for efficient and reliable lighting under all types of conditions. We provide a vital service tot he motion picture industry where all eyes are upon us and our product. Simply put, we must perform or we have no business.
We have built a partnership with Steve Alexander of Wolfram Lights over the last ten years which continues to grow and prosper due to a mutual respect and common commitment to quality. Wolfram Lights has earned our trust as well as our business by providing us a superior grade, long-life globe, designed specifically to meet our needs.

Wolfram's products, backed by their unparalleled customer service have been the cornerstone of Night Lights and a huge reason for our success. Innovation is our hallmark at Night Lights and Wolfram Lights has been there every step of the way - helping us build and market a better product.

Mitzi and I have been business partners and owners of Night Lights for many years. We have seen a multitude of different vendors come and go, promising the moon, but delivering very little. Steve Alexander has set Wolfram Lights apart by always being there, promptly responding to our needs and always being true to his word.

Partnering with Wolfram has proven to be a very wise choice for Night Lights. Personally and professionally our relationship continues to prosper and we look forward to building upon our mutual respect and success for many years to come. We would not hesitate to recommend Wolfram Lights to anyone interested in doing business with the very best.

- Bruce & Mitzi Bebee, Night Lights

Musco Lighting:

Wolfram 6K HMI lamps have been the lamp of choice in our Mobile Lighting trucks for over 25 years. In addition to doing movies, commercials and special events, we light many live prime time TV sporting events each year and need a lamp that we can count on. We have always been pleased with the service we have received from Wolfram and their willingness to work with us to meet our special needs.

The Wolfram lamp is very robust compared to some of the other lamps and this is very important to us as we do not remove our lamps during transport. Color temperature and lamp life have been very good as well. We are pleased to have been able to work with a good company like Wolfram for so many years and to be able to purchase lamps made right here in the USA.

- Jim Whitson, Musco Lighting

Paskal Lighting:

We at Paskal Lighting use Wolfram globes for their superb quality and reliability. We also love the excellent customer service, great prices and peace of mind that Wolfram globes provide us.

In our industry it is important to have a vendor that backs their product and ensures quality and immediate ratification of any issues that may arise with these high end globes. Wolfram is there to stand by their product.

- Kristie Shanahan, Paskal Lighting

Hollywood Rentals, LLC:

For years now, Wolfram has been Hollywood Rentals preferred brand for single and double-ended HMI globes. In addition to fair pricing, the Wolfram product has proven to be technologically sound as each product meets its expected life and desired specifications. Our satisfaction in Wolfram products has instilled a confidence that we expect will progressively persist.

- Kelly Koskella, Hollywood Rentals

Cineworks, Inc:

Cineworks has used Wolfram's full line of globes in our rental and sales inventory for many years and will continue to do so. The product is extremely reliable and the customer service is un-matched. Thank you Steve and Nikki.

- Deborah Maxwell, Cineworks

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